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Georgia Kaporis

Lic. Assoc. R.E. Broker
Office:(212) 381-3381
Mobile:(917) 952-2522

10+ YEARS and OVER $50 MILLION in NYC Real Esate Sales


Languages Spoken:      GREEK, ENGLISH

Producer Council - top 5% company-wide
Member of the Halstead Sapphire Club 2013

A top producer at Halstead Property, Georgia Kaporis is consistently recognized for her ability to handle complex real estate deals in a timely manner with positive results. When you hire her to represent your real estate interests, you are benefiting from someone who is passionate about her work, and astute in her knowledge of the market. Whether you are interested in buying, selling or renting a home, Georgia is eager to lend her expertise and put her vast experience to work for you.

What makes Georgia so effective is her understanding of the unique needs of buyers, sellers and renters, and her gift for bringing together a successful deal that satisfies every party involved. She believes a good broker should be an excellent listener, able to intuitively translate her client's needs into reality, and a resourceful, creative thinker who provides the best real estate solutions possible. As a longtime property investor and manager in Manhattan and Brooklyn, she appreciates the value potential of real estate, as well as the emotional side of buying or selling a home.

Georgia’s successful track record of sales secured her a top ranking at Halstead Property but also earned her a ranking in the top 2% of real estate sales associates nationwide while at her previous firm. Her expertise has been acknowledged by the media and she is frequently asked for her opinion on the state of the real estate market. She has been repeatedly featured and quoted in prestigious publications including The New York Times and the New York Post.

Georgia’s clients are her biggest fans. They glowingly praise the honesty, values and ethics with which she conducts business, as well as her ability to perform every aspect of real estate brokerage at the very highest level. Her exceptional service, market savvy and investment knowledge is widely recognized in the industry, and has earned her a loyal following.

Prior to entering real estate, Georgia honed her sales, service and marketing skills at UPS. As part of their sales and marketing management group, she was rewarded for her outstanding customer service and follow-up. A New York native, she also knows how to effectively market a property having earned a degree in Marketing from New York University's Stern School of Business, and an MBA in Marketing from Hofstra University.

“From the beginning, what struck me the most about Georgia, besides her eloquent professionalism, is her attention to detail while being genuinely caring. She is an active listener and tremendously intuitive. She understood exactly what we were looking for and worked around our time constraint, which was challenging. Georgia effectively coordinated and communicated our priorities to building management and to attorneys. Her knowledge of NYC’s real estate market is a huge asset and it made us feel confident throughout the entire process. Georgia has made our experience in purchasing our first NYC apartment exceptional.” - Ban E.
“Ten years ago, my daughter and I purchased a cooperative apartment in Chelsea through Georgia and it was a remarkably smooth transaction with Georgia’s attention to detail. She always responded timely and had sincere concern for our best interests. My daughter was married this past October and we made a decision to sell the apartment. The easiest decision that we had to make was choosing a broker as there was only one choice, Georgia. Her preparation, knowledgeable advice and the attention to detail that we so well remembered, were superb. The apartment sold at the first open house at full asking price. Georgia’s follow through with the buyer and his counsel was outstanding as no doubt her engaging personality and honesty make it easy to do business with her.” - Albert S.
“We first met Georgia years ago when we were helping our son look for an apartment to buy. She was hosting an open house and we were extremely impressed by her presentation. Georgia was knowledgeable, sincere and showed an instinctive hard working attitude. We left the showing and decided that Georgia was the real estate professional we wanted to work with in our apartment search. We are happy and grateful to state that that first positive impression has been borne out over the years. She has guided us through the buying and selling of three apartments (we are working on our fourth) for our family members. Georgia listens to your wants and needs then works tirelessly to meet your goals. She is extremely attentive and knows how to keep the process on track. She cares about you as a person not just a client. We feel very fortunate to have Georgia working for and with us.” - Dr. Lawrence and Susan L.
“Georgia has been in this business for long enough to get the “know how” and has also excellent knowledge of the legal side of the business. She showed me the important numbers I needed to set my asking price. She showed me similar transactions in my building as well as my neighborhood. She was very knowledgeable and unlike most other real estate brokers, she is not pushy. Georgia handles all business in a polite and friendly manner with the utmost respect for her clients. I could not ask for a better broker to help me with this process.” - Jana K.


Halstead Property, LLC

Οιπελάτες τηςΓεωργίας Kαπόρη είναιοι μεγαλύτεροιθαυμαστές της.Επαινούν μεευχαρίστησητην τιμιότητα,τις αξίες καιτο επαγγελματικόήθος το οποίοτην διακρίνει, καθώςκαι τηνικανότητά τηςνα εκτελείκάθε πτυχή τηςμεσιτείαςακινήτων στουψηλότεροεπίπεδο. Οι εξαιρετικέςυπηρεσίες πουπροσφέρει, ηγνώση τηςαγοράς και ηκατανόηση τωνεπενδύσεων πουτην χαρακτηρίζειαναγνωρίζονταιευρέως στονεπαγγελματικότομέα της μεαποτέλεσμα ναέχει κερδίσει πιστούςοπαδούς.

Τοεπιτυχημένοιστορικό πωλήσεωντης Γεωργίας τηνκατέταξε στηνανώτατηβαθμίδαεπιτυχίας καισυγκαταλέχθηκεστο ανώτατο 2% τωνπωλητώνακινήτων σεεθνικόεπίπεδο, ενώ εργαζότανστηνπροηγούμενηεταιρεία της. Ηπείρα της έχειαναγνωριστείαπό τα μέσαμαζικήςενημέρωσης καισυχνά ζητείταιη γνώμη τηςσχετικά με τηνκατάσταση τηςαγοράςακινήτων. Έχειεπανειλημμένα παρουσιασθείκαι αναφερθείσε εκδόσειςμεγάλου κύρους,όπως οι New York Times και το New York Post.

Πριν απότην ένταξή τηςστονεπαγγελματικότομέαακινήτων, ηΓεωργία τελειοποίησετις ικανότητέςτης στιςπωλήσεις, στηνπροσφοράυπηρεσιών καιστο μάρκετινγκεργαζόμενη γιατην UPS.Ως μέλος τηςομάδαςδιαχείρισης πωλήσεωνκαι μάρκετινγκτης τελευταίας,κέρδισε επαίνουςγια τηνεξαιρετικήεξυπηρέτηση τωνπελατών τηςκαι την μετέπειταπαρακολούθησητων υποθέσεώντους. Γεννημένηστη Νέα Υόρκη,γνωρίζει,επίσης, πολύκαλά πώς ναεμπορευθείαποτελεσματικάένα ακίνητο, ικανότηταπου ισχυροποιείταιαπό το πτυχίο Marketing που έλαβε απότο Stern School of Business τουΠανεπιστημίου NYU, και το ΜΒΑστο Marketingαπό τοΠανεπιστήμιο Hofstra.

Αυτόπου κάνει την Γεωργίατόσοαποτελεσματικήείναι ηκατανόηση τωνιδιαίτερωναναγκών των αγοραστών,πωλητών καιενοικιαστών,και το χάρισμάτης να κλείνειεπιτυχημένεςσυμφωνίες οιοποίες ικανοποιούνόλες τιςπλευρές. Πιστεύειπως ένας καλόςμεσίτης πρέπεινα είναι πολύκαλός ακροατής,ικανός ναμεταφράζειδιαισθητικά τιςανάγκες των πελατώνσεπραγματικότητακαι επινοητικός,με δημιουργικήαντίληψη οοποίος θαπροσφέρει τιςκαλύτερες δυνατέςλύσεις σεθέματα ακινήτων.Λόγω τηςμακράς πείρας τηςως διαχειρίστριακαι επενδύτριαακινήτων, αναγνωρίζειτην εν δυνάμει αξίατων ακινήτων,καθώς και τοσυναισθηματικόσκέλος στην αγοράή πώληση ενόςσπιτιού.

Ότανπροσλαμβάνετετη Γεωργία για ναεκπροσωπήσειτο αληθινό συμφέρονσας αναφορικάμε την ακίνητη περιουσίασας, επωφελείσθεαπό κάποια πουείναιπαθιασμένη μετη δουλειά της,και έχειοξύνεια τηνοποίαεφαρμόζει στηγνώση της περί τηςαγοράς. Εάν σαςενδιαφέρει ν’αγοράσετε, ναπουλήσετε ή να ενοικιάσετεσπίτι, ηΓεωργία είναιπρόθυμη να σας δανείσειτην πείρα τηςκαι να την θέσειστην υπηρεσία σας.

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