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10+ YEARS and OVER $50 MILLION in NYC Real Esate Sales

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Which is a Better Investment, Real Estate or Stocks?

Are you wondering what to do with your assets?  Here are my 5 reasons to put your money in NYC real estate:             1/ while our stock market is in flux, home ownership in NYC continues to flourish and            maintain stability           2/ when you pay into a mortgage it’s akin to putting money into a savings account           3/ in many cases, it’s cheaper to own than rent           4/ a home creates a sense of community and a source of pride            5/ it’s a tangible asset   Need further...
Posted to Luxury Condo Market on Friday, August 05, 2016 at 12:29:00 PM

The New Harlem

Whole Foods is set to open at the end of the year at Lenox and 125th Street, the New York Post writes "Harlem is Shaking Up It's Food Scene" with spots like Red Rooster, Harlem Shake, andBabbalucci adding to long time favorites such as Sylvia's and Amy Ruth's.  The Durst Organizationis in talks to purchase the large plot of land on 1800 Park Ave, where they plan to put Harlem's tallest tower (pictured left). The New York Times labeled East Harlem as "one of New York's next hot neighborhoods".   Even more so, according to WNYC, the median income of central Harlem has jumped 6.7 percent from 2007-2009 to 2010-2012, the highest increase in the city.  Here's the territory that Harlem covers: East Harlem: E 96th – 138th Sts and 5th Ave – FDR Dr Central Harlem – W 110th – 155th Sts and 5th...
Posted to Luxury Condo Market on Friday, August 05, 2016 at 12:25:51 PM

A Fair Market Returns to NYC Real Estate

I say that in a fair market both the buyer and the seller have power. After many years of steady price increases, leaving the seller with more bids and more options, we are currently experiencing a much more fair game. Today’s buyers and sellers have options and power.  To me, that’s a fair game for all and where we find the best value for all players. In this fair marketplace, we see the average apartment in Manhattan taking approximately 5.9 months to sell.  Certain neighborhoods remain stronger including the Upper West Side and Brooklyn.  As we stabilize, it’s important for sellers to keep in mind that accurate pricing remains key and the most vital aspect to a sale, beyond any other attribute.  While buyers no longer need to be over bidding, it’s vital to strategize the bidding process. What a great time to think about...
Posted to Luxury Condo Market on Friday, August 05, 2016 at 12:18:40 PM

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